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Hillbilly Hiltin "Moon Yer Honey" Specials

This $595 Package Includes the following:

A gift Basket from FOX PASS CABINS to YOU! Yours to Keep… A set of Luxury Robes just for you, a Pair of slippers just for you! A bottle of either wine and a sample of Moonshine! (Must Be 21). A set of Custom Themed Champagne glasses, yours to keep! You will also receive a gift certificate for your Massages for 2! (you must make your own arrangements, once purchased you will receive all your directions and information packet) BUT…THAT’S NOT ALL!

Your Gift Basket includes: A pound of our own Fresh Ground Grandpa’s Special Coffee, with 2 monogrammed Coffee Mugs! Enjoy a Luxury “Mooning Yer Honey” SOAPS! Exotic Oils for your relaxation and enjoyment! AND Just for grins and giggles you will find 2 ‘Billy Bob Teeth’, which makes for some real memorable photos! YeHaWWW. THAT’S NOT ALL!

We include 2 FOX PASS CABINS T-shirts and other goodies to remember it all, plus a gift certificate for a Tin Type Photo at the Tombstone Old Time Photos!


Your Cabin will also be provided with the usual Big Country Breakfast, but we add a Fresh Fruit Basket, Homemade Muffins and Fresh juice. And just to make sure it is really special…… You will receive a Fresh Flower Arrangement and Gourmet Hand Dipped Chocolates to GREET YOU! NOW THAT IS A HILLBILLY HILTIN!

Come and spend your “Honeymoon-Anniversary-Special Day” at FOX PASS CABINS! We set up your cabin, tipi or covered wagon up so you feel pampered with our Luxury Memory Foam Beds, the Luxury sheets and our finest Pillows. Come and enjoy being PAMPERED WHILE HAVING the time of your life!

$595.... Can be added to any of our Cabins, Tipi, Covered Wagon or Redhawk RV

**We have other Specials too! Once you make your reservation you can see all of our Specials and Add-ons! 


ADD YOUR “Moon Yer Honey” SPECIAL TO ANY NIGHTS STAY (Please allow at least a 2 week notice for these specials) $595

  • MASSAGE for 2 - *Visa Gift Card... you choose where you want to go for your massages
  • Local Wine and Moonshine * Moonshine can come in any flavor Ma chooses… ONLY AVAILALE FOR THOSE 21 AND OLDER. A copy of drivers Lis will be required at booking. (complimentary) ** Purchased from Licensed Store... We do not make liquor or sell liquor. 
  • Mason Jar Champagne Glasses
  • Luxury Soap and Oils
  • T-Shirts (State size S to XXL)
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Billy Bob Teeth
  • His & Her Robes with Slippers
  • Dinner Gift Certificate *Visa Gift Card... you choose where you want to dine
  • Breakfast Basket *Tipi Breakfast will consist of Basket of Fruit, Muffins, Non-perishable food stuffs only.
  • Use of  LUXURY Wedding Linens
  • Tombstone Old Time Photo Gift Certificate
  • Coffee Mugs
  • A Few Hidden Treasures! Compliments of FOX PASS CABINS…..

Check Out List

  • Wedding dress, rings, gifts and all your prized items
  • Electronics (including cords and chargers)
  • Your Blow Dryers and Curling Irons
  • Your Wallets, purses and luggage
  • Dental retainers, toothbrushes toiletries
  • Check under beds for socks, shoes, toys, small items
  • Don’t forget your teeth! (yes, its happened!)
  • Lord don’t forget your spouse! We do not FEDX them back to you!


"Thank you for the wonderful honeymoon special. We were so surprised to find so many fun gifts and loved the flower pedals and chocolates. Nice touch….We loved the massages and the bath house was awesome. The photo shoot was so fun, dressing up and pretending to be in the Wild West. We so loved the cabin with Moony the moonshine truck! Those were my favorite photos."
Dan & Jes

"I cannot thank you enough for the special treatment you gave us, we loved the bamboo sheets on the old pickup bed…. So awesome! Especially the horn! Haha…. WE felt pampered and spoiled. Will book with you again when we have kids."
James & Patsy G....

"Our kids gave us the “moon your honey” special for our anniversary, WOW. We were so delighted to find everything so nice. It was quiet and private, we loved the gifts, especially the 'billy bob teeth' hilarious! Thank you too for accommodating our special needs of gluten free muffins! You really go the extra mile."
Kay & Francis

"THANK YOU Ma & Pa Harley for the extra touches, we spent 5 nights and loved every night. The robes are great to take home and all the gifts, I’ve seen nothing like it! We will always remember our Hillbilly Hiltin Vacation, especially when we look at the photos with the billy bob teeth!"
Joey & Karen

"I wanted to say thank you for your special treatment, We couldn’t afford the Wedding Special but you nonetheless made us feel special. We appreciated the little extras you went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. We were hoping to get to meet Le~Adeline, but she was “working”... We did love her EGGS! Thank you..."
Bill & Jean

"We spent our honeymoon in the TIPI... we wanted something unique and different! We loved every minute of it. Seeing the images in the moonlight, the flickering outdoor lighting, the hot tub and the horses, we were amazed at every detail. How Fun and what MEMORY!" We bought the "Moon Yer Honey Special with Shopping Spree).. and we loved it! Reasonably priced for all you are getting and my wife loved the "shopping spree." Thanks "Y'all".... 
BJ and Paula

OH MY WORD..... We spent 2 nights in the Covered Wagon.... This was delightful! We really felt we were on a wagon train headed West! I kept thinking Laura Ingalls would come walking up anytime. Thanks for the GREAT stay!
The Wayne's 
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