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Interactive Map & Directions

Fox Pass Cabins Map Wagon Tipi Hillbilly Hiltin Ol Kemp Redhawk RV Dock Holiday

Click on a cabin to see availability.

Fox Pass Cabins: The main entrance: 1287 Fox Pass Cutoff, Hot Springs, AR 71901...

Turn into the MAIN ENTRANCE and you will turn either LEFT or RIGHT... There is a sign showing which way to YOUR unit..... 

If you are staying in the RV... you will notice a small Green Sign in front stating "Redhawk RV... Straight up hill"...

NOTE **** If you go straight up the drive..... without stopping you will enter PRIVATE PROPERTY....There is a sign.... Don't ignore it.... You may be met by a grumpy old man and his dog.... Please turn around and and go back to the bottom of the driveway and read the signs......

Once you arrive at Fox Pass Cabins... pull in and stop... Read the signs.....

TURN LEFT if you are staying at:

Ol' Kemp Cabin
Hillbilly Hiltin'
Magnesia Bathhouse Cabin
Lakota Luxury Tipi
Prairie Palace Covered Wagon

TURN RIGHT if you are staying at:
Dock Holiday
The Cozy Moose
Railroad Train Treetop Cabin

*There are other cabins on our map... they are under construction and/or coming soon.....

If you have any questions, please call 501-545-0344 

***Pa's Woodshed is not a rentable cabin, it is a self-serve woodshed. Pa's Woodshed is only available for the following units:  Redhawk RV, Hillbilly Hiltin, Lakota Tipi and the Covered Wagon. All other units have their own woodshed. If you are not staying in one of the four listed, please do NOT take wood from Pa’s Woodshed. 

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