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Prairie Palace Covered Wagon

1 Room

2 Queen Beds

1 Bath

Come and Relax in Nature in our amazing Prairie Palace Covered Wagon in Hot Springs National Park. It is quite large resembling the “Conestoga Wagon” which was a freight wagon of the old west! Our Covered Wagon is 8 by 18 feet. The setting at the Wagon is staged to bring to you an era gone by outfitted with fire-pit, Charcoal Grill and a Life size Mule Team! We’re nestled in the Ouachita National Forest among big Arkansas Boulders. See pictures here.

 Here are a few of our favorite features and amenities at the Covered Wagon:

  • Insulated Floor, sides and roof
  • Heat & Air; Rough-in it can only be enjoyed if your comfy
  • Hand Crafted Rocking Chairs
  • Built-in Queen Bed with Comfy Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Under the Queen Bed there is a full bed with a foam mattress
  • Private Bathrooms at “Soapie’s Bath House”, a short walk (100’) You can also drive and park at the bath house.
  • A nighttime port a poddy inside
  • A Fire-pit Area and Seating for 4. (an old cowpoke might just ride up)
  • REAL LIFE-SIZE Mule Team, just to make your camp feel as though you just rode in to a natural and original Frontier Day Pioneer Camp!

* The Wagon is considered "Luxury Glamping." We want all of our guests to be happy with their stay so please make sure you understand glamping is a form of camping. We know glamping units are not for everyone so please read the amenities and policy so you are aware of all that we offer.

Well-behaved dogs under 30lbs are welcome for a fee. Please give us a call if you would like to bring your 4-legged friend for approval and rate.

The Prairie Palace Covered Wagon is the perfect getaway for a couple, honeymoons and families of 4 or less. 

What we do not provide in the Wagon:

  • Washer-Dryer Service
  • Pots or Pans
  • Dishes (other than cooking utensils at the grill)
  • Feather hats, Tomahawks or peace-pipes… gotta bring yer own! 

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our accessibility statement