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Covered Wagon

Prairie Palace Covered Wagon

Come and Relax in Nature in our amazing Prairie Palace Covered Wagon in Hot Springs National Park. It is quite large resembling the “Conestoga Wagon” which was a freight wagon of the old west! Our Covered Wagon is 8’ x 18’… The setting at the Wagon is staged to bring to you an era gone by. The Covered Wagon is set in a museum quality replica Pioneer Camp, outfitted with fire-pit, Charcoal Grill and a Life size Mule Team! We’re nestled in the Ouachita National Forest among big Arkansas Boulders. You will not experience this type of setting in any Covered Wagon Rental anywhere else in the U.S.!

*Please read all of our amenities as you are "Luxury Glamping" which is a glorified camping experience, we realize glamping isn't for everyone so please make sure you understand what you are renting as we want all of our guests to be happy with their stay.... 

Worried about the weather? Don’t be! Our Covered Wagon has HEAT & AIR…. Very cozy winter and summer! Electricity and a big ole TV! The Covered Wagon has an insulated Floor, Insulated walls and even though you cannot see it, between the canvas is an actual polycarbonate clear roof! No need to worry about rain, wind or the elements…. You’ll sleep cozy and comfy!

A little History Lesson: Did you know the James Younger Gang robbed their first stagecoach is Hot Springs, AR???? The Covered Wagon provides a passageway back through time that allows you to experience the culture of the American Frontier Wagon Trains that made this Country what it is today. Come and Experience Pioneer American Culture at its best, with a few bells & whistles! Enjoy a warm Covered Wagon with the feel of the old west. The distant hoot of an old owl can stir emotions and feelings of a time gone by. Our Covered Wagon is hidden in the quiet seclusion of the forest next to an old dry creek where arrowheads have been found. The Hot Springs AR area is known for its Quapaw and Caddo Indians but also for its Covered Wagon passages thru Hot Springs by early settlers looking for the Hot Springs! Fox Pass Cutoff in Hot Springs was originally named “Fox Pass Trail” and used by the Indians here as a trade route. The Hot Springs area is rich with history and hidden treasures. Here are a few of our favorite features and amenities at the Covered Wagon, which is considered Luxury-Rustic Glamping Style.

  • Insulated Floor, sides and roof!
  • Heat & Air… (I said IT WAS Luxury!) Rough-in it can only be enjoyed if your comfy!
  • Original American Antiques
  • Hand Crafted Rocking Chairs
  • Built-in Queen Bed with Comfy Memory Foam Mattresses!
  • Under the Queen Bed there is a full bed with a foam mattress!
  • Private Bathrooms at “Soapie’s Bath House”, a short walk (100’) You can also drive and park at the bath house.
  • A nighttime port a poddy inside (you use it… you clean it daily)* See instructions in Policy!
  • All your Linens & Bedding Provided
  • A Coffee Pot with Mugs and Coffee with all the Fixin’s Provided
  • A Fire-pit Area and Seating for 4. (an old cowpoke might just ride up)
  • A Charcoal Grill outside for your cooking experience made easy. (we don't provide charcoal, lighters or starter)
  • REAL LIFE-SIZE Mule Team, just to make your camp feel as though you just rode in to a natural and original Frontier Day Pioneer Camp!
  • FREE Arrowhead prospecting allowed in dry creek bed only. KEEP WHAT YOU FIND…See POLICY for details on how to look for arrowheads and what is allowed onsite.
  • OF COURSE THERE IS A HOT TUB!...(Private, not shared) Enjoy sitting amongst the boulders in a hot tub filled with Arkansas Mineral Water!

What we provide:

  • WIFI.... Available for our Guests
  • Heat & Air
  • Electricity
  • Big Screen TV with DVD, Movies and HD 4K Antenna (multiple channels, can be intermittent with inclement weather)
  • Small Microwave
  • Apartment Refrigerator with Freezer (small)
  • Queen Bed with Memory Foam Mattress
  • Full Bed under the bunk for the little cowpokes
  • Bedding & linens
  • Heated Private Bathroom & Shower with Hot Water at the Old Time Bath House
  • Towels, Hot Tub Towels, Washcloths and Dish Towels
  • Hair Dryer in the bathrooms
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Shampoo, conditioner and Soap in the Bathhouse.
  • Port a Poddy indoors for emergency and night use.
  • Toilet Paper
  • Mineral Water at the tap, yes, its natural Arkansas Mineral Water (just outside the wagon)
  • Charcoal Grill-Wood Firepit
  • Outside Grilling utensils (We DO NOT provide cooking pots, pans or dishes)
  • Cell Phone Service is strong
  • Coffee Maker (we provide you cups and silverware)
  • Coffee, cream and sugar (sugar substitute)

What you need to bring:

  • Food & Drink (if you wish to have them) We have a lot of nice restaurants within 7-10 min
  • Eating utensils, PLASTIC OR PAPER PLATES (if applicable)
  • Pots, Pans, dishes if you wish to cook on the firepit. (you may do your dishes at the bathhouse if you wish, just clean up afterwards)
What we do NOT provide in Covered Wagon:
  • Washer Dryer Services
  • Cable TV (we do have antenna channels and DVD with movies)
  • Dishes except for glasses, cups, spoons....

    Policy for Covered Wagon: When you book the Covered Wagon, you are verifying that you have read, acknowledged and intent to obey the policies and rules of Fox Pass Cabins. Not adhering to the rules subjects you to the cost of damages, cleaning, and or fines imposed by outside authorities.

    Specific Rules for “Covered Wagon”

    • I will not climb on the statues inside or outside the Covered Wagon or grounds on Fox Pass Cabins. Photos can be taken next to the statues but no climbing on the Mules or any other statue.
    • I will not put any fire inside the Covered Wagon
    • I will not use sharp objects near the Covered Wagon for if I do whether intentional or not, I am responsible for any damage to any part of the Canvas or furnishings. /li>
    • I will take nothing from the grounds and if anything is found damaged or missing, I am responsible to pay for it. Anything valued over $500 will be reported to authorities.
    • If I accidently spill coffee or stain producing product on the rugs or bedding, I will call housekeeping immediately so as to avoid cleaning charges. If it can be cleaned right away then we can take care of it properly at no charge to you!
    • USE OF PORT A PODDY…. If I chose to use the emergency toilet so as to not go out at night to the bath house, I agree, it is my responsibility to clean it daily, according the rules set out by Fox Pass Cabins. Failure to clean your poddy will incur a cleaning fee.

    The Prairie Palace Covered Wagon is the perfect getaway for a couple, honeymoons and families of 4 or less. 

     Charcoal, lighters or starter

  • Dishes (other than cooking utensils at the grill and coffee cups and stir sticks and spoons)

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