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Fox Pass Cabins on Fox Pass Cutoff in Hot Springs, Arkansas is home of the HOT SPRANG’S HILLBILLY HILTIN and THE DOCK HOLIDAY.

When you stay at FOX PASS CABINS…you get to experience “Southern Comfort” at its best! Nothing is more relaxing or romantic than a cozy cabin in the woods, big comfy beds and a warm toasty fireplace.

Some of our Favorite Features:

  • Sleep in the BED of an old ’64 Chevy Pickup! King with Custom Mattress…
  • An Old Fashioned High Tank Toilet, just like the Thomas Crapper!
  • A Big Ole Horse Trough size Bathtub: Fill it with our own Well Drilled Arkansas Mineral Water
  • Hillbilly Hot Tub surrounded by Arkansas boulders in a beautiful natural setting.
  • A Big Ole Hardwood Tree soaring to the 20’ Ceilings; Even a few squirrels in the tree!
  • Big Pirate sized Dock at the Dock Holiday!
  • Our Organic Breakfast Staples provided by our very own French Chef… Le~Adeline!
  • Fancy Coffee’s at Dock Holiday’s!
Fox Pass Cabin in Hot Springs, Arkansas


Fox Pass Cabins brings to you... our very own French Chef: Le-Adeline. She and her team of feather-falootin gals bring to you the best dern "des oeufs" in Arkansas!

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Fox Pass Cabin in Hot Springs, Arkansas

A Message from Ma & Pa

We at Fox Pass Cabins want to welcome you to the Hot Sprang's Hillbilly Hiltin and The Dock Holiday! We hope you enjoy your time here and all that Hot Springs, Arkansas has to offer. So listen up here!

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Fox Pass Cabin in Hot Springs, Arkansas


How About something so Special, so romanticized and so luxurized….. it’ll make ye wanna “Moon Yer Honey!” (THaT wAs a question!)

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