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Fox Pass Cabins Logo
(501) 545-0344
  • WIFI.... Fer the City Slickers
  • Big Country Breakfast
  • Hillbilly Coffee, Tea and Cocoa with all the fixins*
  • Heat n Air...Don’t got to get outa bed to git a stick a wood
  • Lectric...No coal oil folks
  • Real Flushin High Tank Toilet... Going in style, YeHAWW*
  • Custom Plushy Mattresses...ZZZZzzzz
  • Ceiling Fan and White Noise Fan... Drown out Grampa’s snorin’
  • Gas Fireplace... Toe Warmin
  • Frig...with all the fixins, includin’ Mineral Water in the bottle!
  • Cooktop...and Toaster....Like the fancy folks got*
  • Microwaver...Fer them who need it faster!
  • Big Ole Satellite TV... Its per near as big as Pa’s Moose Antler*
  • DVD (Dern Video Doo-Hicky)... With fun old tyme Videos fer Pop-Korn Night)*
  • Home Made Goat Milk Soap... Gentile enough fer baby butts*
  • (Even got other stuff...towels and linens, forks n spoons, and pots n pans. Even got a hare-dryer in case yer head needs fluffed up.)


  • All our cabins sport a private Hot Tub….Fer Reeee-laxin in style! Surrounded with big ole Arkansaw Boulders and fresh smelling evergreens….

  • Awesome Fire Pit/grill at each cabin……. You can also purchase “Camp Fire Baskets” for a real fun time.

  • Photo props with “Moony”…The 1950 Moonshine Runner Truck at the Hillbilly Hiltin or by the Docks at Dock Holidays! Nothing like takin’ home them memories!

*Not all listed amenities available in all cabins
Hot tub at Fox Pass Cabins

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