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  • All our Cabins, Tipi, Covered Wagon sport a Private Hot Tub…. (each has it's own private hot tub) Fer Reeee-laxin in style! Surrounded with big ole Arkansaw Boulders and fresh smelling evergreens….**(Hot Tubs have well drilled mineral water however by law we have to chlorinate the water just as the bath houses do for sanitizing purposes)

  • Awesome Wood Fire Pit and Charcoal Grill (we don't provide charcoal, lighters or starter) at each Cabin, Tipi and Covered Wagon……. You can also purchase “Camp Fire S'mores Baskets” for a real fun time!

  • Outdoor Sitting Area with Chairs and Hammocks.
  • Beautifully Wooded Area ….. Lots of privacy at each Cabin, Tipi and Covered Wagon and Redhawk RV
  • Fun Photo Props: At each area there are fun photo props for your memories!
  • Firewood is on-site for sale. Self-Serve (your welcome letter will provide additional information for YOUR firewood)
  • NOTICE: Please be aware that our cabins are independently owned so we ask that you not visit other cabins, campsites, or areas.... outside of your own rental. Do not borrow things from other units and leave at your unit. 

*Not all listed amenities available in all cabins

 Redhawk RV Stopover

  • WIFI.... Fer the City Slickers In all units!
  • Country Breakfast Food Fixin’s (Cabins only.. SELF COOK. Food is in the refrigerator)
  • Coffee, with all the fixins (All units)
  • Heat n Air...Don’t got to get outa bed to git a stick a wood (All units)
  • Lectric...No coal oil folks (All units)
  • Real Flushin High Tank Toilet... Going in style, YeHAWW (Cabins only)
  • Custom Plushy Mattresses...ZZZZzzzz
  • Ceiling Fan and White Noise Fan... Drown out Grampa’s snorin’
  • Gas Fireplace... Toe Warmin
  • Working Frig….No carrying ice to the ice box. (All units)
  • Cooktop...Like the fancy folks got (Cabins only)

  • Microwaver...Fer them who need it faster! (All units)
  • Big Ole Satellite TV... Its per near as big as Pa’s Moose Antler (All units)
  • Cable in the Cabins.... NOTE: HD 4K Antenna with DVD in the Glamping Units (tipi, wagon, RV)
  • DVD (Dern Video Doo-Hicky)... With fun old tyme Videos fer Pop-Korn Night) (All units except Ol' Kemp Cabin)
  • Soap, Shampoo and Hare Rinse… and all that good warshin’ stuff.
  • Other stuff...Towels and Linens, Coffee Pots, Even got a hare-dryer in case yer head needs fluffed up. (All units)
  • Pots & Pans and Set of Dishes… (Cabins only) Note: Tipi & covered wagon do have coffee pot, cups, glasses, water pitcher and silverware
  • Outdoor Ice Chests…(for tipi and covered wagon only)
Hot tub at Fox Pass Cabins

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