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A Message From Ma & Pa

We have an important Message from Ma & Pa

We at FOX PASS CABINS, want to welcome you to stay at any and all of our Cabin’s, Tipi, Covered Wagon or Redhawk RV. They are INDEPENDENTLY OWNED and Fox Pass Cabin’s is only an advertising agent for them. We hold no physical, financial or any other responsibility for each cabin or tipi. All dealings concerning property, cabins, complaints, ect must be directed to each individual owner of that cabin. We hope you enjoy your time here and all that Hot Spring’s, ARKANSAS has to offer. It was our desire to provide facilities that would give you a comfortable stay with a few grins and giggles along the way! The Cabins & Tipi at FOX PASS CABINS sit on some 50 acres in the Ouachita Forest in Hot Springs National Park. WE WELCOME YOU! Come on in, set a spell…Bring the young-uns and lets all have a whooping good time!

We have the some of the most unique Cabins anywhere! Some have real aunti-q’s in it. Ya’ll will also find little “surprizes” ever-whare. There’s a big ole tree with a tree fort, even got squirrels and raccoons a running around peekin at ye. The HILLBILLY HILTIN Cabin has a REAL 1964 truck bed outfitted with the very best of Custom Made luxeramous mattress to sleep in…. The DOCK HOLIDAY has an awesome hanging bed and sleeping loft for the little pirates! The Sioux Tipi is a 26’ Grand Lodge with a comfy Queen Bed and 2 Little Indian Bed Roles.  You and the young-uns come on down, you’ll have a good time, Ifin ya don’t, its cause yer a stickinthemud!

Come on down to Hot Sprang’s and git ye a nip of shine if you have a hankeron fer it….Then drive on down to FOX PASS CABINS and relax and have a few grins and giggles! Even them city slickers that came and spent the nite, left here GIGGLIN’ AND GRINNIN’

Now, Ma & Pa just want to make a few thang’s straight……This aint no fancy resort or nothin’…we aint got no swammin pool, we aint got no goff balls, we aint got none of them fancy exercising machines….unless you wanna chop firwood! YeHaw!!! What we do have is the most authentic style Cabins, Tipi and Covered Wagon ye ever saw! We didn’t go cheep on the beds, the quilts is warm and we even got an indoor outhouse! YeHAWWW. A real old fashioned high tanker just like the “Famous Thomas Crapper Toilet” in the Hillbilly Hiltin….Yep, that’s right folks, don’t even hafta run out in the nite to go! Ye get to go in real STYLE, ye even git a roll of our very own toilet paper! No corn cob or catalog here folks! Check out our AMENITIES PAGE for all our conveniences in different cabins!

Fox Pass Cabins is just outside the city limit so we are perty close in but we are also perty quiet out here. You usually don’t hear the coyotes nor the hounds or nothin’….but sometimes an old rooster might and crow on ye….. Then thares the neighbor…. Well, ever once in a while he gets a hankeron to up and shoot some bullits, he ain’t shootin at nothin! He’s just shootin!, don’t be alarmed or nothin, don’t go calling the Poleece on him….. He usually runs outa bullits after a little while.

A NOTE OF REAL IMPORTANCE….To those so excited about comin that ye forgot some important stuff at the house…. Well, Ma has ye covered! We have a travel pack at the office for only $10. Contains: Razor, Deodorant, teethpaste and brush, and 1 feminine pad. Now…. If you have one of them little “Leaky Pee Widdlers” we got PULL UPS…. Just call us over here at the big house and we’ll brang it on over to ye!

FOX PASS CABINS IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN THE HEARTLAND OF ARKANSAS where your family can gather together and experience the traditions of times gone by. Create memories with your loved ones that only be experienced here at Fox Pass Cabins!

Now then! Come on … Get yer britches on, gather up Ma & Pa and the young-uns, and head on down the FOX PASS CABINS where your Cabin, Tipi, or Covered Wagon await you!

Cabin racooon

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